Manic Monday

Blogging on a Monday? Are you kidding? There’s no time for that. Monday is the big day, it’s the day cinemas across the land from the largest to the smallest lock down the programme and the times for the following Friday. We call it holdover day and it can be a very unpleasant experience. Exhibitors and distributors alike are utterly knackered by the end, it’s the day we go to war.

I kid you not when I tell you we couldn’t bury my dad on a Monday 17 years ago because no one would have been at his funeral, it was holdover day.

The distributors job is to keep their film on as many screens as possible and the exhibitors job is to get rid of the films no one wants to see, or at the very least reduce the number of screenings to a level where it can’t do any more damage. And that’s when the fun starts.

Distribs have spent a fortune promoting this dog of a picture and I’ve got a living to earn. Sometimes those two things stand in direct opposition and often the sheer number of releases means a film has to go when it still has life in it. That’s not my fault is it Mr Distrib? If you spaced the good films out a bit more instead of bunching them up around the same date we wouldn’t have this problem. If a title is strong enough, trust me, it’ll take money anytime.

We do particularly well with up market award contenders, which means Jan to March are stuffed full of too many goodies and April to June are a wasteland as men don their underpants over their trousers for another endless round of dumb super hero movies.

So this morning I go into battle over The Hangover part II, fading fast, and the aforementioned Kung Fu Panda. Ideally Hangover would play an evening show over KFP, but no one is going to agree that as Hangover is still the number one film and KFP has to play all shows because it’s technically a first week booking.

So Hangover may have to come off and I’ll end up playing KFP to two people at 8pm. Madness.

I’ll let you know how I get on. Wish me luck..

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