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Here is the recent series I did for Uckfield FM covering the 70’s from the perspective of a young boy growing up in a cinema. Grouped in handy form.

Alternatively you can see all the various film and music shows I have done by going to my podpage here.

Even better subscribe wherever you download podcasts and I will pop up automatically in you inbox. Matron. Overcast is good and I’m on iTunes also.



Show One. 1970  Download
The first of 13 shows looking at 70’s cinema through the lens of a film nut and a what it meant for a provincial small town cinema. Not quite the avant garde new wave fest you might be expecting.

Show Two. 1971 Download
Harold and Maude and Get Carter. The nine year old me was probably more interested in On the Buses.

Show Three. 1972  Download
The Godfather, and all sorts this week as we trawl through the good stuff and the bad stuff at the movies in 1972.

Show Four. 1973 Download
Admissions continue to plummet and we stand on the brink of the smut tsunami coming our way. Matron.

Show Five. 1974 Download
The admissions slide continues, but at least Blazing Saddles was released.

Show Six. 1975 Download
Lots of John Williams and some Stanley Kubrick also Dogder is back as 007. Midway through the decade of decline. Such fun!

Show Seven. 1976 Download
Earthquake, Jaws, Tommy, it’s all here as we trawl through the mess that was 1976 at The Picture House Uckfield. I became a more thoughtful cinemagoer and Britain sweltered.

Show Eight. 1977 Download
I’m joined by film and tv maker Phil Lott and we talk total nonsense about The Spy Who Loved Me, Taxi Driver and A Bridge Too Far. It’s 1977 folks and why was it so tough?

Show Nine. 1978 Download
A bumper year in the end, mainly due to John Travolta and ABBA, all before we shut down for the big two screen conversion.

Show Ten. 1979 Download
We reach the end of the decade. 1979 a watershed year for The Picture House Uckfield, as we go from one to two screens. hoo and also ray!



Some old Film Programme stuff. Still interesting though. Click on the links for radio fun.


BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme 24th November 2016
I talk to Francine about our centenary year at The Picture House.


BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme 2nd June 2016
Some advice to a new cinema about how to survive the hot summer.

BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme 3rd July 2014
Me and Claire Binns on the curse of the World cup on box office.

BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme 5th Jan 2014
Charles & I keep Francine enthralled once again with our frothy banter.

BBC Radio 4 The Film Prgramme  July 2013
Me & Charles again. People will talk.

BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme Sun April 14th 2013
Two young men and a girl. And Ryan Gosling.

BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme  25th Nov 2012
Screen Advertising part two.

BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme 21st Oct 2012
Screen Advertising part one. A section I wrote and presented.

BBC Radio 4 Front Row 6th Aug 2012
In which I diss Sony 3D.

BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme 22nd December 2011
End of year round up, with Charles Gant. We’re after Daniel Craig, as in life.

BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme 30th September 2011
13 minutes in, on the phone talking about dim 3D pictures. Stuck at home with torn ligaments. I’m fine now thank you for not asking.

BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme 9th September 2011
How good was the summer? Again with Gubbins.

BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme 22nd May 2011
First item, in discussion with Francine Stock and Michael Gubbins. They’re all smarter than me.

BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme 26th December 2010
Studio guest with Moira Buffini screenwriter of Tamara Drewe and Jane Eyre.

BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme 4th July 2010
Studio guest. Waffling about Cine Expo amongst other things.

BBC Radio 4 The Film Programme 22nd February 2010
13 Minutes in. Long interview with Francine stock when she visited The Picture House.

3 thoughts on “Podcast and Radio

  1. Dear Kevin

    I just wanted to introduce myself, I am the new Cultural Strategy Manager at East Sussex County Council. You are on my radar both because I love coming to the Picture House but also because I’ve often heard you on the Film Programme. My remit covers supporting creative businesses. I used to manage the Kent Film office and am interested in increasing filming in East Sussex. If you think I can be of any use to you then please do get in touch – my direct line at ESCC is 01273 481871 (I’m also @SallyFStaples)

    best wishes

    Sally STaples

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