2012. How’s it going to be for you?

I’m not very good at New Year resolutions, that’s why I gave up smoking approximately 56 days 13 hours 21 minutes and 43 seconds ago. Although I have to admit they still look pretty creamy and delicious to me.

So to pretend I’m going to strain every sinew to bring you the absolute best in film entertainment in 2012 would be a false resolution. I’m going to strain every sinew to bring you the filmed entertainment I think the largest number of people want to see. Because let’s face it sometimes you want to see the most appalling crap in stunningly large numbers. Who am I to judge?

OK, so sometimes I’m going to try and show something less commercial but with merit in the hope you want to see it. See, no good at resolutions.

I tried a few of those “merit” films last year and fell flat on my face, but I’m going to keep trying now and again. Please don’t try and stop me, it’s my cinema I can do what I want.

Besides I showed commercial films that fell flat on their face. If we’re going down in flames, I might as well feel smug and superior about it.

This constant feeling of living in the future, trying to second guess what all the fuss is going to be about in a few months time can cause independent cinema owners to be unstable.

I really shouldn’t be left to make these decisions. I confidently predicted Betamax would win the video war and was one of the first in line to buy a BSB Squarial. It’s amazing this cinema’s still open really.

So what are my plans for 2012 I hear you not asking? Apart from staring out of my office window and playing Tetris that is.

Film wise it’s going to be pretty strong I think. Anyone in the business will know how rare it is for an exhibitor to be so upbeat. Make the most of it, it probably won’t last.

Obviously The Iron Lady is a good start as are War Horse and The Artist. The Muppets are back and I predict big things for that, Woman in Black, Best Marigold Hotel and even Salmon Fishing in the Yemen look like strong titles for us.

The new Aardman claymation film Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists is going to be humongous at Easter.

Then the arse will drop out of it all for a bit as all the distributors run a mile from the Olympics, the football and the Queen’s jubilee.

Summer, Dark Knight, Men in Black etc. Nice. October is the new Bond, even nicer and then into The Hobbit for Christmas. Marvelous.

So at the moment I’m fairly confident. A dangerous state of affairs clearly, and we can all read this back together next year laughing at my naïve optimism.

We shall also continue to bring live opera, ballet, theatre and all that as well as some as yet unknown events.

I’m going to persevere with the live comedy, some nights have been more popular than others, but it’s certainly a success entertainment wise. We’ve had some really great evenings and everyone has a fab time that comes along.

It’s what I’m going to do with the building is the big question. Time for a bit of a refurb I think, whilst it’s all mostly in good nick perhaps the time has come to improve some of the facilities.

The kiosk definitely needs looking at, something a bit more sexy and sophisticated. Like me.

We aren’t making the most of our bar offering, people are still surprised we offer wine and beer etc. I also acknowledge the choice is not great, will certainly look at that.

So, an improved foyer by the end of the year hopefully.

A few other things I can’t spill the beans on just yet are in the pipeline too.

If you read the blog and come to us regularly I look forward to seeing you in 2012. If you don’t, then get your arse down here.


6 thoughts on “2012. How’s it going to be for you?

  1. Hi There,
    I’m reading your blog from [wet] Vancouver, Canada. A friend in Eastbourne, who has attended some shows at your cinema, sent me your URL.
    I come to England [Eastbourne] virtually every year, in the Summer [this year AFTER the Olympics, I hope.. So… maybe, I can be a patron for a while.
    Hang in there.. You deserve to succeed.. My very best wishes.

  2. Brilliant year in prospect. Best I can remember for a long time. I’ll see them all except The Iron Lady. Still haven’t recovered from the real thing, let alone Meryl Streep’s take on her…

  3. I’m looking forward to:

    The Descendents
    The Grey
    Woman in Black
    We Bough A Zoo
    The Hunger Games (!)
    The Cabin in the Woods
    The Avengers
    Jeff Who Lives At Home
    Moonrise Kingdom

  4. You’re starting 2012 as strongly as you ended 2011. I need a campbed at the PH to see all this great material. How do you do it? Shame about Shame, but not surprising you couldn’t fit it in. Looking forward to all the improvements. You seem to know what to do and when to do it to keep us coming in. Brilliant.

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