In Praise of Older Women

Work it out for yourself....

Yikes. It’s been a month since I posted. That’s really not very good is it? So what’s been going on? Quite a lot actually, thank you for asking.

We’ve  been enormously busy, which is very nice indeed. This is the best time of the year for The Picture House, most of the awards season films are released and we tend to do very well with those.

Not that we do well with ALL awards season films, just those that appeal most directly to our demographic. Did you know you’re merely a demographic? Well you do now.

As you can imagine The Iron Lady, War Horse and The Artist have been right up our street. In fact they couldn’t have been more up our street if they had all got in a caravan and camped outside my house occasionally popping round to borrow a cup of sugar.

I always know we’re home and dry box office wise when our older patrons aren’t entirely clear about the name of the film they’re coming to see. In the last few weeks we’ve had The War Lady, The Iron Horse, The Dear Lady (!?) and my particular favorite The Horsey Lady.

You can imagine the futile struggle to accurately request two tickets for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Two for the Erotic Hotel takes the current prize.

Marigold Hotel has cleverly cashed in on the awards mayhem. Everyone thinks it’s an awards film because that’s what they’ve been coming to see for the last three months, why should this one be any different? In fact it hasn’t had a sniff of any awards. Smart move Twentieth Century Fox.

Marigold Hotel is one of those films that comes along occasionally and feels it was made with me in mind. As if I sat at the bar and someone ran along a metaphorical set of optics going, shot of Judi Dench, some Maggie Smith, a shot of Tom Wilkinson and can you pass the bottle of Celia Imrie please?

Of course we’re not alone, Marigold Hotel has been a huge hit across the country. So after The Kings Speech and all the aforementioned Thatcher based horsey entertainment surely the powerhouse success of Marigold Hotel is final clinching proof that it’s not only 18 – 24’s that go to the cinema. In fact 18 – 24’s tend to congregate around the weekend, older audiences even come out on a Monday!

The midweek business on an older skewing film is as good as the weekend. Bloody marvelous. Grown ups WANT to come to the cinema, we just need more films for them. Simple.

So all in all very successful start to the year, a wee bit behind last year but nothing to get worried about. Yet, anyway. It won’t be long and men will start putting their underpants on over their trousers and then we’re screwed for a bit.

Lot’s of opera and ballet and symphonic concerts on the way though. Phew.

5 thoughts on “In Praise of Older Women

  1. Typical of me – decide to look at your blog to see if there’s any posts, and it’s on that day it’s been written! Wonderful.

    Completely agree with the marigold hotel – helps that it’s a brilliant film as well. It’s the only film doing anything at the moment at my cinema, i’m sure it’s same at yours. Lovely seeing up to 130 people appear in the middle of the day for one film, but probably a total of 20 people in total making up the rest of my 8hr shift.

    Can’t be worried yet though – surely Pirates will be doing well for you end of month? Or do you not get too many families hitting out there?

  2. I wrote on facebook recently that there were many films I wanted to see right now. An acquaintance replied, I kid you not:

    ‘totally agree that mariott hotel seems good’

  3. Whether Marigold Hotel [Marriott? Ha Ha!, the permutations could go on..] was up for an award made no difference to me. Sometimes seeing the trailer in the PH is the first time I’ve heard of a film, as was the case with this one. It was the stars that did it for me. Just because a film or its stars are nominated doesn’t always indicate its quality, especially with the Oscars, however prestigious these nominations are. I prefer to judge for myself if I’m going to enjoy a film and won’t be swayed by critics or glitz. Kevin has often done the work for us, et’s face it. I’m not often disappointed at the PH.

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