We’re Still Here Then?



I know, I know. Let’s crank this up again..

A strange year one way and another, started off better than any year has ever started, then took a steep nosedive. A slow period of recovery and then a stonking finish.

Because we’ve such a discerning audience, yes I mean you, January to March is always the best period of the year for us as all the award baiting stuff is released.

The football and Olympics did us no favours at all, not necessarily because audiences didn’t want to go to the pictures, but because the distributors abandoned us. Not one of them had the balls to release a decent film, instead using the time to dump their rubbish films on us.

Therefore no one in the cinemas and pretty much a self fulfilling prophecy all round. We even had two films open on a Monday in August to avoid the final Olympic weekend, which is bordering on insanity.

This means we’re supposed to survive on scraps but still be here warm, welcoming and paying through the nose when the perceived better date arrives to release films, and all of them at the same time. Everyone of them expecting all performances.

By that I mean no other film is allowed to play in that screen. Something that really is going to have to change if distribs continue to bunch films around certain dates like bees around a honeypot.

Particularly for sites like mine where we only have three screens.

Does it sound like I’m complaining? I am a wee bit I suppose, but in reality we’ve had a very good year. If the middle bit hadn’t let us down it would have broken every record going.

There’s no pleasing some people is there?

The end of the year has risen again to record breaking heights, mainly due of course, to Mr Bond. The live streaming of opera, ballet and theatre goes from strength to strength.

3D took a hammering. Audiences really do seem fed up with it.

Next post, up soon, I will detail our top ten films of 2012. Which you can be sure will not look anything like national chart.

2 thoughts on “We’re Still Here Then?

  1. Well, I enjoyed The Hobbit in 3D. I think the format may run its course pretty soon, but some of the scenes were beautiful in 3D. I also have no objection to paying more for a 3D ticket, given how much you had to stump up for up-front, plus the cost of replacing glasses.
    Merry Christmas and fingers crossed for an even better 2013!

  2. I thought The Hobbit was pretty spectacular in 2D! Shame it took so long to get into the story and is being dragged out over 3 films. Will reserve judgement on that till have seen the other two. You were on to a hiding to nothing with the popularity of the Olympics anyway, this year, Kevin. Lots of goodies to come in the next few months, so your audience should rally round and keep you from destitution. Thanks for your astuteness in knowing our foibles. All the best for 2013/

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