2012 wrapped up.

Here it is then, our top ten of the year. No surprises what captured the number one spot, but the rest of it is a bit out of kilter with the world of multiplex that dominates the national chart.

1. Skyfall
We always punch above our weight with a Bond picture but this exceeded everyone’s expectations. The secret was simple, it was a cracking film.

2. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
This is where we start to veer off the national course. A film aimed so accurately at us it was never going to miss.

3. War Horse
The clue here is horse. Being a huge West End hit helped enormously, Spielberg was actually the least of it. Too much for me I’m afraid.

4. The Artist
Well done everybody, tremendous heartwarming fun. Everything about this film has been said.

5. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Huge hit for this gentle comedy that did better in Uckfield than almost everywhere else.

6. Ice Age 4
There seems to be no way of making these films not take money. Not even making rubbish ones.

 7. The Iron Lady
Let’s face it, around here this was always going to be in the top ten.

8. The Hobbit
Still playing, so probably would climb higher given the chance.

9. The Woman in Black
Slight surprise to see this here, but it performed well and scared the hell out of the teenagers.

10. The Dark Knight Rises
Just scraped in, Nolan’s great big noisy conclusion to his Batman trilogy.


Only two films in this list, Skyfall and Dark Knight Rises made the national top ten for the year. No Avengers you may notice, quite telling indeed.

The Wooden Spoon:

Fast Girls
Lowest first week gross of the year, what was I thinking?

So, thanks everyone for making 2012 a very good year indeed. Hopefully 2013 can keep the momentum going.

It’s possible..


3 thoughts on “2012 wrapped up.

  1. Don’t worry, Kevin, Les Mis already booked and snow permitting, we’ll be descending from the white heights of Crowborough to see Lincoln, based purely on the trailer seen at the PH.

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