Off we go again.

Grubs up.

Grubs up.

Ereiamjh. (Name the film for a bonus point.) I have emerged blinking into the sunlight, a full six months after making what turned out to be the monumental decision to acquire the restaurant over the road.

Having run restaurants before I can’t imagine why I didn’t think me and my family’s life wouldn’t be turned upside down.

Half a year down the road we have started to build something quite groovy over there. Inevitably not everyone agrees, but that’s the nature of business. Most people though, seem to think we are doing a good job.

What Tansy, my wife, and I want to do is make this part of the high street a genuine destination for the complete night out. Dinner, movie, me talking bollocks. What more could you possibly want?

Anyhoo, enough of the propaganda, brain washing marketing tosh. I’m back in the land of the living, older, wiser and recovering from plantar fasciitis. That’s a bad foot to you.

Six months on my feet every night did it in. It’s getting better now though, thank you. Our new restaurant manager, Gary, is doing a fine job, which means I can go back to doing what I do best, sitting around cooking up more plans to improve our lovely cinema.

Which also means the refurb we started in 2014 can now continue. Screen two has now closed and will emerge in six weeks as dead sexy as the other two theatres we finished last year. Increased legroom, those lovely seats and the best picture and sound around.

I have to say I’m so proud of the screen one and three. They have turned out so well. Screen one particularly is a marvel, with the larger screen and 7.1 sound. I sometimes just go in there and sit and look. Is that a bit weird?

Screen One Done 2

Screen One earlier today.


Inevitably the restaurant has sucked up a lot of the resources we were going to spend on the foyer, but we will still be tarting that up. New bar/kiosk, groovy new decor, that sort of thing. All being well we should be finished by the middle of the summer. Then I’m going to have a lie down.

Anyway, I’m back, and as belligerent as ever.

I’ll post more refurb pictures as we go.

Kev. X

2 thoughts on “Off we go again.

  1. We hoped you hadn’t been overdoing it, Kevin. The results so far are well worth all the effort. Seats in Screens 1 & 3 are more comfortable, the new sound is better and vision clearer and we like the drinks pockets. We had a very good cinedinner recently and enjoyed the good food, balanced service and pleasant atmosphere after the film. Just a shame that the popcorn crowd seem to think it’s fine to spill and squash the vile stuff into your lovely new carpets, causing headaches for your poor staff who have to clean up after them. Looking forward to Screen 2 and the new foyer, but we are happy to wait!

  2. Kevin, your cinema is the only reason we come into Uckfield anymore, as the rest of the town is so dire and run down. Not yet tried your restaurant but will do in near future. The new seats, sound and all round experience in the new screens is fab – just a shame you cannot do anything about the ignorant people (and not just youngsters) who feel it perfectly acceptable to text, play bingo etc. on their mobiles whilst film is on. Best of luck for the rest of the year to you and your family xx

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